Migration API Tool (MAPIT) for Office 365

Migrate your OpenText content into Office 365. Easy, fast, efficient, and powerful.

MAPIT for O365 Overview

Moving your Livelink Content Server content to the cloud? The ECM Wise Migration Api Tool (MAPIT) for Office 365 will get you there quickly!

Fastest Migrations

  • Leverage best-in-class migration speeds into O365.
  • Super-fast content migrations means less downtime and impact to your users.

Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Unlimited user installs.
  • We will beat any competitors price by 10%.
  • Unlimited data migrations.

Easy to Use

  • Analysis Wizard Identifies potential issues up front.
  • Simple User & Metadata mappings
  • Easy to Install


  • We have done this before.
  • Leverage our extensive experience in migrating content into Office 365.
  • Most experienced support staff.


  • Bulk Import content from Livelink Content Server into Office 365.
  • Create Migration Profiles to plan out how your migration will work.
  • Preserve your folder structure.
  • Maintain file creation and modification dates.
  • Add versions to your documents.
  • Analysis wizard that identifies potential migration issues up front.
  • Map created by and modified users from Content Server to SharePoint Online users.
  • Easily apply additional Metadata.
  • Auto correct invalid characters.
  • Fastest migration speeds using the SharePoint Online Migration API and Azure Technology.
  • Ability to map SharePoint Online users to the created by and modified fields of your documents.
  • Restructure your content and move folders, shorten paths and exclude data from your migration plan.
  • No server installs.
  • Real-time Monitor to show the progress of your migration.
  • Easy-to-use bulk import tool with a straightforward user interface.
  • Unlimited and unmetered data migrations.
  • Bulk Import Documents and Folders from your networked/shared drives into Office 365.
  • Trusted migration professional service team and advisors at your fingertips.

Migrate your shared drive contents into Office 365 in minutes!

Why ECM Wise?

ECM Wises' MAPIT Tool will help you migrate your networked file share to SharePoint Online quickly, easily and securely. The Migration Tool will allow you to apply new metadata, maintain author and last modified information all within a user friendly interface.

The Bottom Line is that MAPIT for O365 provides:

  • Super-fast migrations from your network / shared drives into Office 365.
  • Simple and powerful interface.
  • Easy to use for inexperienced Business Users and/or highly trained System Administrators.
  • Full fidelity migrations (preserve dates, ownership information and easily add metadata as required).
  • Best in-class pricing.
  • Unrivaled customer support.

Get started today and request 15-day evaluation copy!

Top Notch Support

Top Notch Support

ECM Wise stands behind it products!

We understand you want the most out of your investment so when you contact ECM Wise for assistance with the Migration Api Tool to O365, be assured that you are contacting our most experienced support staff. In fact, more often than not, issues are resolved with a first response.

Let our experts help you get the most out your SharePoint Online Migration.

Working together is better!

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Free Trial

Free Trial

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