ECM Footers for SharePoint

A powerful and convenient add-in to automatically add metadata from SharePoint into the Footers of your Office documents.

ECM Footers for SharePoint Overview


  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Add metadata fields from SharePoint such as: Document ID, Title, Version #, Modified Date and any other custom metadata to the footer of your document.
  • Automatically insert a footer into your Word & Excel documents.
  • Allow custom formatting of your footer like positioning and field labels.
  • Allow you to configure and enforce a standard footer format for your organization.
  • Option for automatic insertion of ECM Footer before saving or closing a document.
  • Option for Word to prompt the user for the location to insert the ECM Footer (first page only, all pages, even pages etc).
  • Automatically publish document to Major Version (Major/Minor versioning supported).
  • Vastly superior when compared to trying to get quick parts to work and look the way you want.
  • Low total cost of ownership and a fully supported solution.
  • Replace your out of date in house macros.
  • Enable your organization to easily find documents
  • Enable the ability to enforce a footer standard for your organization
  • Apply ECM Headers or Footers to your existing SharePoint documents.

The SharePoint Label Feature has been Deprecated

The SharePoint label policy feature has been deprecated and should not be used in SharePoint Server 2013.

  • In the case of a law firm before ECM Footers for SharePoint, a law firm would use SharePoint’s label policy to tag a document with information about their cases (clients’ name, case number and the attorney assigned to the matter).
  • With ECM Footers for SharePoint, that same law firm can easily expose that same SharePoint metadata in their documents with little or no setup. SharePoint’s label policy in no longer needed.
  • ECM Footers for SharePoint is a powerful yet simple to use tool for exposing SharePoint metadata in your documents.

The ECM Footers for SharePoint add-in allows you to easily embed SharePoint metadata into the footers of your Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Allow your organization to easily locate and tag source documents from printed paper or electronic copies.

Organizations often require the ability to tag information in the footer of their documents with metadata from SharePoint. ECM Footers for SharePoint facilitates this requirement by automatically inserting the desired information into the footer of their Microsoft Word & Excel documents. The metadata is accurate and automatically refreshed.

Law firms especially find ECM Footers for SharePoint valuable since they can easily embed SharePoint metadata tags like Client Number, Matter Number, Version Number, and Document Number into the footers of their documents thereby making sure the documents they send out externally are tagged correctly.

Additionally, SharePoint documents exposed externally on a website can be embedded with the authoring organizations information. Metadata such as version number and location can be easily tagged in the footer to ensure that people consuming the document can easily identify whether they have the correct and latest version or not.

Documents that were once difficult to identify, become easily locatable and standardized.

Supported For:

  • Microsoft Word & Excel 2016
  • Microsoft Word & Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Word & Excel 2010
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint Online & Office 365
  • SharePoint 2013

Additional Features

ECM Footers for SharePoint allows you to automatically embed custom footers containing metadata from SharePoint into your Word and Excel documents. Below are a list of different types of metadata you can insert into the footer:

  • Document ID
  • Document Name
  • Version Number
  • Created Date
  • SharePoint Path
  • Title
  • Author
  • Last Saved Date
  • Column Values
  • Content Type Values
  • Page Numbers

ECM Footers for SharePoint also allows you to:

  • Insert Major and Minor Version Numbers
  • Create Labels
  • Force Automatic Insert of Footer
  • Configure Multiple SharePoint Environments
  • Configure Which Pages in Word the ECM Footer is Inserted.
  • Use Document Templates



If your organization uses SharePoint, leverage ECM Footers for SharePoint to automatically tag your Word & Excel documents and allow them to become easily locatable and standardized.

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Top Notch Support

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