SharePoint & OpenText Content Server Custom Development

ECM Wise are your experts when it comes to building integrations with SharePoint and Content Server.

Why build and support your own custom in-house software that is costly and difficult to maintain? Our off-the-shelf fully supported software will fit exactly your needs, reducing total costs of ownership and causing less disruption to your existing environment.

At ECM Wise we understand that organizations often have complex and specific requirements that out of the box ECM suites like SharePoint and OpenText Content Server cannot achieve. Our team has the knowledge to successfully enhance the functionality of SharePoint & OpenText Content Server in order to meet the security, search, metadata and records management needs of your organization.

We are leaders in SharePoint and Content Server Development. We fully support our custom solutions and will continuously support and provide feature enhancements when needed.

Look no further - our team is proven with industry leading experience in software development. Leverage our in-house team remotely and access our software development and technology expertise.

Our developers maintain the highest quality standards in building solutions with:

  • OpenText Content Server 10.x
  • OpenText Content Server 16.x
  • Microsoft .NET applications
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases
  • SharePoint 2013 & 2016
  • SharePoint Online

Get started by contacting us today and we’d be happy to discuss your custom software development requirements and objectives.

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